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Fred Henne's Long Lake View
About Lee Sacrey

Originally from Newfoundland, Canada, Lee has lived in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories for the past 31 years, raising a family there and building a career in Business during that time.


Lee's work provides lots of travel opportunities both in the Northwest Territories and throughout Canada, sometimes the United States and Lee has been seen in Peru. Over the past 31 years, Lee has visited 28 of the 33 communities in the NWT and several in Nunavut and the Yukon as well. Every province and Territory in Canada, 20 US States and as mention Peru in South America have been visited. Always carrying at least one camera everywhere he goes.


Lee's interest in Photography started in his teens and has not faded since. He began shooting with Minolta film cameras until the digital craze began and over time moved from film to DSLRs and currently shoots with Sony Full Frame Mirrorless cameras and FE mount lenses. He still has several 35mm film cameras, a range finder and a medium format 120 film camera that get use occasionally.

Still working and traveling Lee is rarely seen without a camera bag. In addition to his work, Lee is the Chair of the Skills Canada Northwest Territories Photograph program and currently Chairs Skills Canada's National Photography program as well.

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